It's True. 
I don't
want you
to be

I want so much more than that for you.

I want you to be sustainably well.

I thought I should know better. I thought that my education and career in mental health and wellbeing would grant me access to a never-ending well of positivity and good vibes.

It didn't.
Chasing happiness left me frustrated, exhausted, and disillusioned. So I stopped chasing.

What I've discovered isn't a well of 'happy' but instead, tools and skills that allow me to take control and cultivate Sustainable Wellbeing.

And that's what I want for you.

Interesting...tell me more...



"Jaime exudes a warmth that makes sharing my inner voice with her comfortable and easy. She allows me to show my true self and helps me to be more comfortable and confident so that I can be more authentic more often."




Bachelor of Social Work - 2005

Masters of Applied Positive Psychology - 2010

Masters of Science Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health - 2020 


For 15+ years I have worked to improve mental health and well-being.
Working with individuals, groups, and corporations to develop interventions solutions that are evidence-based, practical, and sustainable.


I am right there with you. Trying to do the best I can to practice what I preach. There is no illusion of perfection here, just a mixture of measured action and pure experimentation. 

Try. Fail. Share. Repeat.

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