Loaf Farms

Where the head meets the hands.
We live and work at the intersection of wellbeing, permaculture, and community building. 

We co-create workshops that teach the skills of practical self-reliance so that we can all start living a life of sustainable wellbeing. 

Start where you are - live how you want.

Start Learning!

Live life - LoAF.

Healthy Sustainable Living - by combining the science of positive psychology, behaviour change, and neuroscience with practical skills like permaculture, homesteading, and rural experience we create unique learning experiences that allow you to start implementing whenever and wherever you want. Live life - Local Organic Authentic Fun. Live life - LOAF.


A simpler more sustainable lifestyle begins with a shift in mindset. Making a change can be difficult, by integrating the science of wellbeing with behaviour change strategies we give you a roadmap to success. 


Do more with less as you learn the practical skills you need with our online workshops. Baking your own bread, planting a garden, upcycling secondhand clothing, all taught by the locals who know it best. 


We invite you to come and experience Loaf Farms for yourself. Spend the day learning, living, and eating like a local. Enjoy an in-person workshop, or stay longer and see if a rural lifestyle works for you and your family.

Freshly Baked with Loaf

Do you want to navigate stress and uncertainty with greater confidence and grace?

Join us for Freshly Baked with Loaf. We'll start with an understanding of what the brain's natural response to stress and uncertainty is, then how to use activities like baking to gain some control over our reactions.

You'll learn:

  • Grounding Techniques
  • Mindfulness
  • Gratitude
  • A delicious bread recipe
Let's get Baked!

Start where you are - live how you want.

You don't need to uproot your entire world in order to integrate practical, sustainable practices and mindsets into your life. You can start today, wherever you are at. 

Learn How!

Get Cultured with Loaf!

Learn about how the psychology and neuroscience of wellbeing are related to a slower, simpler way of living - by making your very own sourdough starter from scratch!

Get Baking!

Do More with Less.

There are two ways to have more abundance in your life. Make more - or do more with less. At Loaf Farms we take the slower more sustainable route. You can too.


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